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    Armando was AHH-MAZING!! He took over where Battambang Auto Repair used to be, so when I got my car towed there I wasnt sure what to expect as Kevin was now gone. But WOW, Armando who has taken over the spot there couldnt have been any sweeter and honest.

    My gasket leaked all into my car and ruined my alternator, oil was everywhere. I dropped my car at 8:30am on Monday, and he had a new alternator, new gasket cover, and even re-aired my tires all by 6pm that same day. His wife was super sweet too as she works with him, and the other gentlmen helping Armando was just as welcoming. A nightmare of a morning that started as a broken down SUV at 2:30am ended up a dream as everything was fixed that day.

    He didnt charge me to run a diagnostic on my car, he called me before he did any work with pricing and went over with me thoroughly what the issues were with my vehicle. His pricing was beyone fair and super reasonable, I didnt feel taken advantage of at all.

    Armando thank you so much for helping me get my car back ASAP and doing it all with a smile and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! :)

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    I just got into LA last night after moving across the country for work. After being on the road for about 6 hours, my car (2008 toyota solara) started shaking ferociously on the highway and the check engine light was flashing. I pulled over in Victorville (hour outside LA to the east) and found out it was an ignition coil needing replaced soon but not immediately, so I drove slow and cautiously the rest of the way to LA. Today, I took my car to Armando with the recommendation from someone who lives here. He sent me to AutoZone, which is about 4 blocks away, and I was able to purchase the part myself and get a military discount. I had google'd the average price for this sort of repair ahead of time to know what I was getting myself into. I then took the part back to him and he charged me a VERY reasonable price for labor costs and had my car ready in less than 30 minutes. It was such a lifesaver to have this problem resolved quickly and for a very reasonable price. In the future, I'll definitely go back!

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    Armando is the best! My 1900's honda runs just like a new one thanks to him! I don't take my car anywhere else. Armando is dedicated and puts his interest to help with anything you need done to your car. The prices are great and you can't go wrong with him and not to mention he is also a certified mechanic!

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    Armando saved me sooooo much money. The type of repair I needed would have cost me thousands. A solid, honest mechanic. I'm going to recommend him to all my friends no doubt.

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    Armando is the best mechanic in LA. He is honest, resourceful, and intelligent. Most importantly though, he is a good person. His prices are always much, MUCH lower than his competitor's prices. I recommend his service to all my friends and family.

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    We all know finding a good/honest mechanic is just as hard as finding a good/honest significant other.

    I got tired of my car making this strange clanking noise every time I took a hard turn(left and right) so I thought I would play it safe this time and take my coupe to Pep Boys. I Walked into my local Pep Boys and as I was waiting in the service line an employee who looked the part of a "mechanic" picks up a customers phone call for the service department and after a short talk he then turns to his manager and asks him, "Cars have a transmission filter and oil?" LOL. You should have seen the managers face when he was asked that question in front of everyone; after that I marched myself straight out of there.

    On Google I saw a fantastic review for Advanced Electronic Engine and my intuition told me to go check the place out.

    Didn't look like much, but this place actually does have a Certified ASE Master Tech working there and he was quite pleasant to deal with. His name is Armando and he was able to effortlessly change the CV Joints/Axles on my coupe and NOT charge me an arm and a leg for parts and labor.

    He then took it upon himself to further inspect my car and found that the differential oil needed to be topped off so he did at no extra charge. Wow!
    Who does that??

    I'm so glad I went to Advanced Electronic Engine in October 2017 and found Armando. I won't be taking my cars anywhere else from now on. Seriously.

    Update: took my coupe to get serviced with Armando in December 2017 and now I feel like my cars engine is running effortlessly and stronger than ever :)